26 January 2010

Speculation Mounts on New School Sites in Lucan

St Andrews and Esker Educate Together should to be prioritised – Frances Fitzgerald
The Department of Education and the Office of Public Works are in discussions about the need to allocate new school sites to Lucan.  After another visit to St Andrews, local Fine Gael Senator for the area, Frances Fitzgerald, has said “St Andrews must be a priority for one of these sites.”

“I was delighted to hear that progress is finally being made for children and parents in Lucan. The news came after a motion tabled by our local Fine Gael Councillor William Lavelle led to a briefing by Council officials on the matter and has been greeted with relief and anticipation by local schools, teachers, parents and pupils,” according to Senator Frances Fitzgerald.

“St Andrews must be a priority consideration for one of these sites given the long wait in totally unsatisfactory conditions. Last week I met with Inez Cooper, Principal of St Andrews. Inez took me on another tour of the current building reminding me of just how bad the conditions are for teachers and students,” said Frances Fitzgerald.
“The two hundred and thirty five children attending the school are being taught in over crowded, cold class rooms and if it wasn’t for the huge efforts of the principal, teachers and staff at the school things would be in an even worse condition,” Frances Fitzgerald recounted.
“I am calling on the Minister for Education to prioritise in the allocation of the new sites St Andrews and also Esker Educate Together who has been waiting on a new site for what seems like forever. I will be raising the issue at a national level this week in the Senate asking the Minister to outline what action he is taking on securing sites for St Andrews and Esker Educate Together,” said Frances Fitzgerald.
“The negotiations are good news for Lucan but let’s make sure they come to a timely conclusion and that they are of benefit to those who need it most, these include St Andrews and Esker Educate Together,” concluded Frances Fitzgerald.