04 February 2010

Fitzgerald Questions Council's Preparation for New Bin Day

South Dublin County Council, as of February 1st, are no longer collecting bins with bin tags. From now on the Council will only accept payment for bin collections through their new credit card system.

“This new system is progress but its implementation needs to be properly managed. I do hope that for the first few weeks of this system the Council will be reasonable and collect bins that have been left out with bin tags, otherwise we are going to have a situation where hundreds of families bins are not collected,” warned local Fine Gael Senator Frances Fitzgerald.

“If you have not yet activated or ‘topped up’ your refuse collection account then please do so right away to ensure your bin is collected. You need to have topped up by midnight the night before your collection of that week is due. You can call the Council on 414 9000 to do this, pay at your local post office, many shops or Council building,” advised Frances Fitzgerald.

“A seamless transition from the current system to the new one is the ideal but it is simply unrealistic to think that there won’t be hiccups and to assume that everyone will be aware of the new regime. The Council need to prepare for the eventuality that some people won’t have credit in their account on Feb 1st. Bins cannot go uncollected and I do hope that the Council will use their initiative when it comes to collecting bins during the first few weeks of February,” continued Frances Fitzgerald.

“The last thing we need are for bins to go uncollected, especially as some families are still clearing the backlog after curtailment of collections during the cold snap,” concluded Frances Fitzgerald.