04 March 2010

Appalling Home Delivery Service Makes Legal Highs as easy as to obtain as a take-away dinner – Fitzgerald.

This week the controversy over Headshops took a sinister twist according to local Fine Gael Senator Frances Fitzgerald. Flyers were posted through the letter-boxes of hundreds of homes in the area offering home delivery services of controversial products that mimic the affects of illegal drugs.

“We have a very worrying problem facing our community at the moment. Headshops are offering so called ‘legal highs’ at affordable prices but with some severe side affects for users and society alike. These shops are clearly targeting the young amongst us and parents from right across Lucan and Clondalkin are understandably very upset and very worried,” explained Frances Fitzgerald.

“In last few days hundreds of homes in our area received flyers offering delivery of products such as smoke xxx, snow caps, blow caps and novelty bath salts - this marks a very sinister turn in which children are now exposed to and offered these products from their own homes,” continued Frances Fitzgerald.

“We were all relieved to hear this week that the government is at last starting to take the problem seriously and intends to ban most of the products sold in these shops. But we need action now, today. We need to feel that our children are safe in our homes and that accessing highs isn’t as easy as ordering a pizza. We need to legislate these delivery companies out of the market, we need to protect our children,” concluded Frances Fitzgerald.