16 March 2010

Local Senator and Local Minister confront Head Shops Head On

Last week in the Senate local Fine Gael Senator Frances Fitzgerald produced a flyer advertising home delivery services of controversial products mimicking the affects of illegal drugs. The flyers, according to Fitzgerald, were distributed recently throughout Lucan and other areas in Dublin.

Local Minister John Curran was in the Senate to hear Frances Fitzgeralds views on the issue when she produced the flyer in the chambers. Fitzgerald described the flyers as appalling and sinister.

“The seriousness of this issue was brought home to me last week when a head shop which serves the areas of Lucan and Clondalkin delivered flyers to homes,” said Senator Fitzgerald at the debate,

“On the back of the flyer is a menu, which contains the declaration ‘not for human consumption’,” continued Fitzgerald.

“It is similar to a food menu, rather than food, however, it advertises the various products on offer at the shop. It also contains the nonsensical declaration that products will be supplied only to those over 18 years of age and that photo ID will be required. That is a complete farce,” Senator Fitzgerald said.

Speaking to her local paper Senator Fitzgerald said she welcomed Minister Curran’s decision to come into the Seanad and debate this important issue.

“Parents throughout our community are worried and afraid for their children. These shops are targeting the young and the delivery of these products to homes throughout Dublin means that our children are no longer safe in their own homes,” said Frances Fitzgerald.

“We need to feel that our children are safe in our homes and that accessing highs isn’t as easy as ordering a pizza. We need to legislate these delivery companies out of the market, we need to protect our children,” concluded Frances Fitzgerald.

Minister John Curran described the situation as a “complex issue” that must be dealt with on a number of fronts.