09 March 2010

Where is the jobs plan for Lucan and Clondalkin? – Fitzgerald

Richard Bruton explains the Fine Gael alternative to Lucan residents

Local Fine Gael Senator Frances Fitzgerald has called on the Government to put in place a job creation plan as a matter of urgency. Her comments come as the latest unemployment figures for the area are published revealing that the Clondalkin Social Welfare Office is now dealing with over 10,000 people on its live register. This week Fine Gael’s Deputy Leader Richard Bruton addressed a gathering in Lucan to outline their alternative approach to solving the problem.

“Many people in Lucan and Clondalkin have begun 2010 facing the bleak reality of unemployment. The Government prematurely told people that the economy was on the way to recovery – yet these new statistics clearly show that joblessness remains a serious and growing problem,” said Senator Fitzgerald.

“We need Government to produce a job creation plan. So far, Fine Gael remains the only party to have produced a comprehensive job creation plan. Richard Bruton came out to Lucan this week to explain to people our ‘NewEra’ policy which would create a more sustainable economy and 105,000 jobs. We have placed employment and enterprise at the heart of our budgetary strategy,” stated Senator Fitzgerald.

“The people of Lucan and Clondalkin deserve better from Fianna Fail and the Greens. First this Government mismanaged the economic boom and now they seem unable to deal with the recession. Job creation is the key to restoring economic stability. My constituents need and deserve a plan to cut the dole queues and get people back to work,” concluded Senator Fitzgerald