22 April 2010

12 dead horses left in field in Clondalkin since January– Fitzgerald

Animal welfare issues and concerns regarding public health and safety must be addressed urgently

Fine Gael Senator Frances Fitzgerald has expressed concern about animal welfare and public safety issues locally as 12 dead horses have been left in a field in Clondalkin since January.

43 unchipped horses continue to run wild in this field whilst the 12 dead horses continue to be left there.

Speaking about the issue, Senator Fitzgerald said, “Clearly this is a worrying situation. Animal welfare issues are at stake here along with serious concerns about public health and safety. Dead horses lying so close to the water supply for such a long period of time is completely unacceptable. Action needs to be taken to address this situation.”

“The Department of Agriculture should issue a directive to the Council instructing it how to act on this issue as a matter of urgency. The area in question is partially owned by the Council and, therefore, they have an extra obligation to undertake measures to ensure public health and safety and the welfare of these animals,” continued Senator Fitzgerald.

“I will continue to pursue this matter until it is satisfactorily addressed,” concluded Senator Fitzgerald.