01 April 2010

Saggart Entrance to Rathcoole/Saggart Park

The Millrace/Swiftbrook development is to be the new pedestrian gateway to Rathcoole Park. The entrance is due to be opened later this year and will provide locals with pedestrian access to the park. The developers are currently in charge of the estate and the entrance cannot be developed until the Council take charge. Snag lists and safety issues need to be addressed by the developer before the Council can legally take charge of the area.

The pedestrian bridge is in place and just needs to be galvanised. I will be keeping pressure on the Council to take charge as soon as feasibly possible and for the development of the entrance to be made priority. I would love to see the entrance open before summer if at all possible. Rathcoole/Saggart Park is a fantastic facility and the more people who have easy access to the park the better!