28 April 2010

Senator Fitzgerald, in Neilstown, Calls on Council Not to Proceed with Plans for Liscarne Homeless Hostel

Local Community of Liscarne being let down by Council’s failure to engage - Fitzgerald

Senator Frances Fitzgerald, speaking at a Garda Siochana Community Meeting in Neilstown, publically called on South Dublin County Council not to add to the pressures of the community by proceeding with proposals to establish homeless accommodation at 2 and 4 Liscarne Gardens.

The meeting, in Neilstown Community Centre, heard local residents tell of fears for their safety and security and recount incidents of anti social behaviour and drug dealing in the area. Frances Fitzgerald, who was the only Oireachtas Member present, acknowledged the work of the Gardai in tackling this behaviour but went on to publically criticise the Council for its proposals to develop homeless accommodation in the area.

Senator Frances Fitzgerald told the meeting, “We have heard tonight, first hand, of the kind of pressures this community is already under. This must be taken into account by the Council while considering proposals for a homeless hostel in Liscarne. Homeless housing is seen as an extra pressure for a community which is under too much pressure as it is.”

Rio Hogarty of the Liscarne Action Group 24 told of her dismay at the Council’s failure to acknowledge registered letters, sent by members of the action group and the local community expressing their concerns at proposals.

Senator Frances Fitzgerald has been calling for more consultation with the Liscarne community who she says are “being let down by the Council”.

“From the moment I first heard about this proposal I have called for consultation with the local community. I welcome the Council’s commitment to community consultation on this proposals. This community is already under pressure, surely it’s the Council’s job to try and alleviate these pressures rather than add to them?”, said Frances Fitzgerald today.