11 May 2010

Local Senator & Cllrs Welcome Publication of Headshop Legislation

The local Clondaklin team, Senator Frances Fitzgerald, Cllr Tony Delaney and Cllr Therese Ridge, has welcomed the publication of legislation to ban the most dangerous substances available in headshops. On Tuesday lunch time, Green Dayz in Clondaklin Village, was one of the many headshops nationwide that was forced to pull down its shutters when the legislation caught them off-guard.

“It is now illegal to have in your possession for personal use or for supply, a number of the most dangerous substances which headshops have been associated with,” explained Senator Frances Fitzgerald.

“I am delighted that this tough law has been introduced and am confident that the local Gardai here in Clondalkin will enforce this law rigorously,” continued Frances Fitzgerald.

“Headshops all over the country, including the one in Clondalkin village, shut their doors on Tuesday at lunchtime. This was a direct result of the introduction of legislation and the campaigning by parents and politicians throughout the country. Now what we need are even tougher measures to legislate these shops right out of business for good,” said Frances Fitzgerald.

“These products were having detrimental effects on children and I’ve heard so many harrowing stories from parents who have had to watch their child suffer as a direct result of headshops,” said local Fine Gael Cllr, Tony Delaney.

“I am pleased that the most dangerous of these substances are now deemed illegal and hope that the resources and tools are put in place to enable the Gardai to move forward on this. I welcome this progress but appreciate that the problem isn’t solved just yet,” concluded Cllr Delaney.

The possession and supply of synthetic cannabinoids (contained in SPICE products), benzylpiperazine (BZP) and piperazine derivatives, mephedrone, methylone methedrone, butylone, flephedrone, and MDPV is now deemed illegal and subject to criminal sanction of up to 7 years imprisonment and/or a fine for unlawful possession, and, on indictment, up to a maximum period of life imprisonment for unlawful supply.