02 June 2010

Callely statement dodges issue and defies Taoiseach’s demands for explanation - Fitzgerald

Is Cowen going to accept Callely defiance?

Fine Gael Seanad Leader, Senator Frances Fitzgerald, has said Senator Ivor Callely’s statement to the Seanad this afternoon regarding his expenses is completely unacceptable, dodges the issue and defies the Taoiseach’s demands for an explanation.

“There was no explanation offered by Senator Callely this afternoon in the Seanad regarding the €81,000 he reportedly claimed in expenses from his Cork address. All that was offered was a threadbare defence of his claims," said Frances Fitzgerald.

“I am repeating my call for Senator Callely to make a full and clear statement on the matter rather than trying to dodge the issue and defying the Taoiseach and the public’s demand for a full and frank explanation of what went on," continued Frances Fitzgerald.

“The key question now is whether or not Brian Cowen is going to match his tough talk last night on this issue with tough action today?," concluded Senator Fitzgerald