30 June 2010

Dublin Mid West Fine Gael selects Fitzgerald and Keating for General Election

Enda Kenny addresses massive Fine Gael meeting in Clondalkin as Senator Frances Fitzgerald and Cllr Derek Keating are selected to contest the next General Election for Fine Gael in Dublin Mid West

The Dublin Mid West Fine Gael organisation held its General Election Selection Convention last night (Monday) in the Green Isle Hotel, Clondalkin. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Phil Hogan, Environment Spokesperson and the special guest speaker was Fine Gael Leader Enda Kenny.

The Fine Gael Party instructed the convention to select two candidates and after a speech by Cllr Willam Lavelle, the convention unanimously chose Senator Frances Fitzgerald, the Fine Gael Senate Leader and Spokesperson on Health and Councillor Derek Keating as their candidates.

Speaking at the Convention, Senator Fitzgerald paid warm tributes to all the Fine Gael members in the constituency who had stuck with the party through thick and thin and also to the four Councillors in the constituency - Cllr Therese Ridge, Tony Delaney, William Lavelle and Derek Keating.

Addressing the meeting, Senator Fitzgerald said, "Times were very different when I stood at an equivalent hotly contested convention in the Spa Hotel for the 2007 General Election. We had one Councillor in the entire constituency – the tireless, energetic, determined Therese Ridge. We had no Oireachtas member. We faced a General Election Campaign starting with just 31 out of the 166 seats in the Dail. How times have changed! We are now the most popular party in the State, going by 20 consecutive Red C Polls. We’re the largest party in local government by far. We have 20 more Dail seats then we had then. In this constituency we’ve gone from 1 Council seat to 4 and from no Oireachtas Member to me being elected to the Senate, appointed by Enda Kenny to lead our party in the Senate and to sit on the Fine Gael Front Bench."

"It is my honour to be part of that and to be representing our community at a national level in the Oireachtas. I have worked intensively on ever local issue that affects this constituency, opposing incineration in Rathcoole, demanding proper primary school facilities in Palmerstown, Newcastle and Clondalkin, working towards an end to pre-feb classrooms, campaigning for a new second level school in Lucan, demanding proper planning across the constituency and quality transport for all, as well as helping the many individuals facing unemployment, dealing health issues and personal concerns. I am relishing the challenge of working for the interests of our community.

" Everybody I meet across this constituency from Lucan to Clondalkin, from Palmerstown to Rathcoole, from Saggart to Newcastle is united by the same desire – a desire for change, for leadership, for decency in politics and in public life, for a health service that delivers care based on need not ability to pay, for a Government that creates jobs for people, not bailouts for their cronies.

"I look forward to working with Derek to deliver two seats in Dublin Mid West in the next election. I will bring my 13 years experience at the highest levels in Fine Gael, my background as a social worker, my experiences as a mother and my commitment to equality and fairness to ensure a new Government with a fresh mandate is in palce to address the needs and concerns of people right across this constituency," concluded Senator Fitzgerald.