21 June 2010

Senator Fitzgerald empathises with women who have miscarried

In response to the miscarriage scandal which rocked the nation, Frances Fitzgerald has spoken out about her own experience

Local Fine Gael politician Frances Fitzgerald has spoken out about the effect that the miscarriage scandal has had on thousands of women throughout the country.

Speaking in the Senate last week Senator Fitzgerald revealed that she herself had experienced two miscarriages and that the recent scandal had reminded her of how traumatic an experience it was for.

“The very least every woman expects is that her maternity scans be accurate,” Senator Fitzgerald told Minister Mary Harney in the Seanad last week.

“I had two miscarriages and like every woman in the country who miscarried, when this scandal emerged my mind flashed back to the experience I went through. I don’t want to create panic because I, like so many other women, know that miscarriage is common. But I do want to say that it has deeply upset me to think that women attending hospital for maternity scans could have been provided with wrong information,” Frances Fitzgerald told us.

“I read the stories of the women involved. I understood when they said that they had trust in healthcare professionals but doubted their words enough to seek a second opinion and it is truly upsetting to hear that if they hadn’t done so their children may not be here today,” continued Frances Fitzgerald.

“It is not unreasonable to assume that medical examinations and procedures be carried out correctly and that the technology used is reliable. I became involved in public life because of my concerns about maternity hospitals and the lack of voices women had and I am extremely disheartened to learn of the poor care these women received in our health care service. The very least anyone should expect of any medical examination is that it is accurate,” concluded Frances Fitzgerald.