12 July 2010

Fitzgerald welcomes and supports Civil Partnership Bill in Senate

Local Fine Gael Senator Frances Fitzgerald has spoken and voted in favour of the Civil Partnership Bill in the Senate.

Speaking on the issue, Senator Fitzgerald said, “I have worked my entire career to progress equality issues in my role as a public representative, a former chair of the National Women’s Council and as a social worker. I am pleased to have now spoken in favour of a law which will enable the State to recognise the relationships of a large number of people in our society.”

“Whilst the legislation is not perfect, I believe it is a very welcome development in terms of taking down the barriers of discrimination and inequality. After the legislation was passed I met a man who told me it would change his life forever. I am sure this will be the case for many people” stated Senator Fitzgerald.

“I hope that this new law will bring comfort and happiness to many people in my constituency and around the country,” concluded Senator Fitzgerald.