13 July 2010

N81 re-route looking less and less likely to happen – Fitzgerald

Is there a danger of selected routes being frozen indefinitely?

Local Fine Gael Senator Frances Fitzgerald has stated that she believes the proposed re-routing of the N81 from Tallaght to Hollywood Cross is looking less and less likely.

“This week I received a letter form the NRA stating that it is unlikely that progress will be made on proposals for the rerouting of the N81 for the ‘foreseeable future’ due to lack of funding. Last week we learnt of rumoured cuts to promised projects including the LUAS to Lucan and the Metro to Clondalkin. It seems that Transport 21 is more of a pipe dream than an actual plan,” said Frances Fitzgerald.

“Many local communities along the N81, including those living in Brittas and Crookslinn are worried about the effects the proposed dual carriage-way would have on their village, countryside and lands,” continued Frances Fitzgerald.

“It has now emerged that the road is likely to only be a dual carriage way as far the Embankment. While everyone welcomes an upgrading of the road for safety reasons I am very worried that there is a real danger of these communities being left in a sort of limbo – if there is no funding available for this project and it is not cancelled does that mean that proposed routes can be selected and frozen indefinitely?,” asked Frances Fitzgerald.

“I have written to the NRA asking them just that and they have stated that they will try to minimise the impact on the local community. They expect to select a route in 2011 but it is unlikely that funding will be made available for this project for some time. I will continue to keep pressure on the NRA to ensure that communities along this route are consulted with and listened to,” concluded Frances Fitzgerald.

Local Fine Gael Councillors Tony Delaney and Therese Ridge were among those who attended a packed public meeting in Brittas on this issue recently. Both Tony and Therese and have re-affirmed their commitment to minimising the impact of the on local communities.