20 August 2010

Council’s Litter Plan Not Working - Fitzgerald

South Dublin County Council’s Litter Management Plan is not working to its full potential, according to Senator Frances Fitzgerald.

The local Fine Gael Senator had called on the Department of the Environment to make funding available to South Dublin County Council to invest in their litter management programme.

“The Council is under immense budgetary pressure and I believe that the Department of the Environment should make funding available to local authorities in order to increase resources for litter warden services,” said Senator Frances Fitzgerald.

“Footpaths and greens are being destroyed by litter. We need more regular street sweepers, more awareness campaigns in the local schools and better litter warden services for our area. The onus is on the Department of the Environment to ensure that our country’s roads and landscape are kept in good shape and I believe they should allocate funding to the Council so they can step up their campaign on litter,” continued Frances Fitzgerald.

“Estates and parks throughout Lucan, Palmerstown and Clondalkin are becoming the victims of littering. We cannot just watch as our villages and play areas become blighted like this. We need to ensure that people report litter and that the Council is adequately resourced to deal with these reports. People are fed up reporting litter black spots and not seeing improvements. We need to ensure our Council has the resources to deal with this ongoing issue,” continued Frances Fitzgerald.

To report litter black spots in your area call the Council’s Litter Warden on 4149000. If you happen upon illegal tipping or dumping please note down the vehicle registration number and you can report the incident to the EPA on their hotline 1850 365 121