10 August 2010

Council’s Part 8 Acts Directly Against Local Wishes – Fitzgerald

Local Fine Gael Senator Frances Fitzgerald has accused South Dublin County Council of ignoring the wishes of the community of Liscarne by moving to establish a Part 8 on the two houses at the centre of on-going local controversy in Liscarne Gardens.

“It is simply incredible that the Council is trying to push through a Part 8 for 2 and 4 Liscarne Gardens. This in direct contradiction to the views of the local community and public representatives,” said Frances Fitzgerald who has been working closely with the local community action group in the area.

“The Council is proposing to establish temporary homeless sheltered accommodation in two houses here in Liscarne Gardens. There has been huge local opposition to the move which would see this facility developed in what is widely considered an unsuitable location. Despite so many representations from the local community and local representatives the Council is still trying to force this proposal through without any community consultation,” said the local Fine Gael Senator, Frances Fitzgerald.

A Part 8 is a technical term which refers to Part 8 of the Planning and Development Act under which the Council can effectively seek permission off itself for a planning application or change of use in a Council building. Affected parties can submit objections to the Part 8 and the County Manager must prepare a report outlining the submissions received. County Councillors then vote on the proposal.

“The deadline for submissions on this is September 24th but yet again we find that the community finds out details of this proposal by accident. Nowhere on the Council’s website is it made clear that this Part 8 is being enacted. I am keen to ensure that the local community are aware of the situation and that they understand that they have the right to submit their views on the proposal. I will continue to work with the local action group in raising awareness on this,” continued Frances Fitzgerald.

“There was huge support at Council level for the motion tabled by Fine Gael’s William Lavelle recommending against this location. I am confident that this Part 8 will be voted down should it come before the Council and I will continue to do everything I can to ensure that the views of the community of Liscarne are heard,” concluded Frances Fitzgerald.

“In such a densely populated area and in such close proximity to the local school and housing for the elderly, locals, understandably, have some serious safety and security concerns and these concerns should at least be heard by the Council. I believe it is the Council’s duty is to consult with locals and take on board their concerns before they proceed with any major projects like this and it just seems outrageous that the local community have not been consulted on this,” continued Frances Fitzgerald.

“It is simply unacceptable that a facility like this can be imposed on a local community without any consultation,” concluded Frances Fitzgerald.