26 August 2010

Gormley’s latest crazy plan is unworkable, unenforceable & hits struggling tradespeople - Fitzgerald

'Green Party ministers simply out of touch with how real world operates’

Local Fine Gael Senator Frances Fitzgerald has called on John Gormley to recognise reality and reverse his daft new policy to prevent tradespeople from using commercial vehicles for occasional personal use.

“Tradesmen, sales people and delivery drivers throughout Lucan and Clondalkin were shocked to hear Minister Gormley's latest plan for commercial vehicles. It is an example, if one were needed, of how the Green Party has totally lost touch with the reality of how most people live. John Gormley should take his head out of the sand and realise what he is doing. His plan seems to suggest that Gardaí will be asked to police church car parks, school yards, shopping centres and sports clubs to find commercial vehicles being used outside the workplace - hardly realistic," said Senator Frances Fitzgerald.
“Are we effectively saying that plumbers, electricians, gardeners and salespeople throughout Clondalkin and Lucan need to purchase a second vehicle for all non-work related journeys, that's hardly good green policy. If enforced, this new approach could have a massive negative impact on tradespeople at a time when they are on the floor anyway, in the depths of recession," continued Frances Fitzgerald.

“Of course, anyone paying commercial tax on a vehicle should use that vehicle primarily for work or commercial purposes. But the suggestion that the authorities would try to police commercial 4x4s and small vans is ridiculous," said Frances Fitzgerald.

“Tradespeople are the lifeblood of the economy. They have taken a serious hammering during the recession, and the last thing they need is this sort of petty targeting by a Government that has run out of ideas. We need a thriving small business sector to get the economy moving again. Instead of targeting sole traders and SMEs with this type of crazy measure, the Government should be supporting and encouraging them," concluded Senator Fitzgerald.