31 August 2010

Lucan Parents and Students STILL waiting for promised resources - Fitzgerald

Local Senator Frances Fitzgerald has lashed out at the Government for its failure to deliver for the people of Lucan.

“Parents and children from right across Lucan are preparing to go back to school and yet again await a situation where Lucan children can be offered places in Lucan schools,” said Fine Gael’s Frances Fitzgerald.

“There is a real school places crisis in Lucan. Parents from right across Lucan have been in touch with me over the failure of this Government to deliver adequate local resources for their children. A child living in Cannonbrook, for example, may be faced with the situation where they will quite literally have to walk past the school gates of their nearest Second Level School and take a bus to a different parish,” explained Senator Frances Fitzgerald

“At long last progress is being made on the provision of another second level school for the area but I am deeply concerned that the Government will drag the process out as long as they can to delay incurring costs. Children and parents shouldn’t be suffering as a result of the Government’s inability to plan ahead – it has been blatantly obvious to everyone, including the Government’s own CSO office, that Lucan has been in need of extra schools for a number of years. I believe we need to plan for two new second level schools to ensure that we meet future demand but our local Government TD’s seem more intent on supporting NAMA than supporting the parents and children of Lucan,” continued Frances Fitzgerald.

“Gaelscoil Eiscir Riada is still awaiting development of their new site. St Andrews children are still being forced to sit in deteriorating and over-crowded pre-fabs while the teachers and principals continue their fight for adequate accommodation. Surely our children, the next generation, deserve better than this?,” asked Frances Fitzgerald.

“During the summer, as teachers prepared for another academic year Fianna Fail and the Greens announced that they were cutting the Capital Spend Budget by €1billion. As well as cuts to important infrastructure projects, a lot of classrooms will be affected by this,” continued Frances Fitzgerald.

“Fine Gael has published our proposals for getting Ireland back on track. Where is Fianna Fail and the Green’s plans? The people who entrusted them with the responsibility of running the country are surely entitled to know what ideas they have for getting us out of this mess?” concluded Frances Fitzgerald.