24 August 2010

“Nightmare for local residents” – Fitzgerald on Council’s Bin Service

Local Fine Gael Senator Frances Fitzgerald has dubbed the Council’s bin collection service a ‘nightmare for local residents reliant on it’.

Her comments came at a time when bins throughout Lucan, Clondalkin and Palmerstown remained uncollected for another Monday in a row.

“There is a lot of anger and confusion among people affected by the breakdown in the Council’s refuse collection service. I have been speaking to people who haven’t had their grey bins collected in over a month now, for them this is a nightmare. We are getting to a stage where it’s becoming a real health and safety concern,” said Frances Fitzgerald.

“The problem is down to a combination of a trade dispute, the bank holiday Monday causing an interruption to the Monday collection service and higher than expected volumes of grey bins being left out due to the new collection rota, but people aren’t being told this,” explained Frances Fitzgerald.

“There is a serious lack of information being given out and that is only adding to people’s confusion and frustration. Refuse collection is a paid service – people are paying for this service and what they are receiving is an unacceptable service topped off with a lack of information,” said Frances Fitzgerald.

“Local residents suffered such bad experiences during the move to the chipped bin regime that they simply don’t know what to make of the Council’s service anymore. The Council needs to assure residents of a reliable service or people are going to start moving suppliers. The people of Lucan, Clondlakin and Palmerstown deserve better than this – after all that’s what they are paying for,” concluded Frances Fitzgerald.