31 August 2010

Special Needs Education Cutbacks Affecting the Most Vulnerable amongst us - Fitzgerald

 Local Fine Gael Senator Frances Fitzgerald has expressed her regret at Government cutbacks affecting those with special needs.

“I am so disappointed that yet again we see this Government targeting the most vulnerable among us. 353 less Special Needs Assistants than last year have been announced – unfortunately this isn’t because demand is falling, it’s because the Government’s commitment to children with special education needs is waning. Why does this Government continue to make the vulnerable pay for their fiscally irresponsible policies?,” asked Senator Frances Fitzgerald.

“Children with special educational needs have enough barriers facing them already – it’s up to the Government to pull down these barriers not erect more. Consultant reports and psychiatric evaluations are being blithely ignored by this Fianna Fail / Green Government as they slash SNA numbers, places and funding for children with special needs,” continued Frances Fitzgerald.

“Yes of course savings need to be made but I really feel that we shouldn’t be cutting resources like this. Children, surely, should remain a priority. We need more transparency around cutbacks and more information. Parents are understandably worried and their concerns must be addressed,” concluded the Senator.