22 September 2010

Lack of Govt jobs plan is staggering as one third of under-25s unemployed - Fitzgerald

With a third of young people on the dole and 43% of jobless now long-term unemployed, local Fine Gael Senator Frances Fitzgerald asks where is this Governments job plan?

“Growing long-term unemployment is a major concern. Long-term unemployment has quadrupled in two years, and now represents 43% of all those who are out of work. Even among under-25s, more than one third have been out of work for over a year,” said Frances Fitzgerald.

“Clondalkin has the second highest unemployment rate in County Dublin. It is a real problem for us here locally and an even bigger problem is that nationally no strategy seems to be in place to turn thing around,” continued Frances Fitzgerald.

“The concentration of job losses among young people is unmistakable:

118,000 jobs lost among people aged under 25;

Half of all jobs lost have impacted on the under-25 age group;
Nationally, under-25s are now experiencing unemployment levels of 33% (men) and 19% (women);
The unemployment rate among early school leavers is two and a half times higher

“There is an alternative to this. Fine Gael has published our jobs plan for getting Ireland back to work. Pat Kenny said it this week on his Frontline show, this Fianna Fail and Green Government is concentrating on banks and bonds not jobs. I meet families throughout Clondalkin and Lucan everyday who are struggling to get by. People who have never been unemployed before are finding themselves drifting towards long term unemployment and educated young people are boarding planes bound for brighter horizons. We need to tackle this problem and we need to do it fast,” concludedFrances Fitzgerald.