25 November 2010

Young people & local business must be protected from black market alcohol & cigarettes – Fitzgerald

Clondalkin Fine Gael Senator and Health Spokesperson, Frances Fitzgerald has expressed her concern that a leaflet has been dropped to many homes in Clondalkin offering sales of cheap alcohol and cigarettes.

Responding to this worrying development, Senator Fitzgerald said, “This seems to be evidence of the growth of the black market which we have heard so much about in the national media. It is vitally important that all the necessary steps are taken by An Garda Siochana and others to tackle this problem.”

“I have concerns on two fronts regarding this development. Firstly, and primarily, I am sure every parent will agree, it is not acceptable to have people illegally selling alcohol and making it so accessible that people can simply dial a mobile number to purchase it. Secondly, it is grossly unfair and downright wrong that our local businesses who work so hard and comply with all the regulations regarding the sale of such produces would have to compete with this illegal activity,” stated Senator Fitzgerald.

“Protecting young people in Clondalkin and supporting our local businesses are priorities of mine and, therefore, I am urging Government and An Garda Siochana to crack down on the illegal black market sale of alcohol and cigarettes,” concluded Senator Fitzgerald.