16 December 2010

Bank bonuses – yet another kick in the teeth for hard-working Lucan & Clondalkin families - Fitzgerald

No Christmas bonus for those in need of a helping hand yet secret culture of bonuses at upper-echelons of public sector and in bailout banks come to fore

Local Fine Gael Senator Frances Fitzgerald has said that at as the expensive time of Christmas comes about for families, it is “yet another kick in the teeth for hard-working local families to hear that the Christmas bonus will again not be paid to families on social welfare and in need of help – at the same time as news emerges about banks attempting to pay certain staff bonuses and very senior civil servants also being awarded bonuses.”

Speaking on this issue, Senator Fitzgerald said, “Last year Fianna Fail and the Green Party voted to scrap the Christmas bonus – a vital payment offered to individuals in need of a little help to buy essential food and clothes for the holiday period. We were told by Government that this had to be scrapped due to the need for cutbacks. Yet it now emerges that a secret culture of bonuses continues to operate within the top-ranks of the civil service and within the banks.”

“This is extremely disheartening for hard-working families wondering how to make ends meet this Christmas. People appreciate the need for cuts and savings to get the economy back on track but they rightly feel that there is a lack of equity in society in terms of who is being asked to shoulder the burden of the financial pain,” concluded Senator Fitzgerald.