15 December 2010

Fitzgerald calls on County Manager to Intervene on Tandy’s Lane

Local Objective of County Development Plan must be realised - Fitzgerald

Local Fine Gael General Election candidate Frances Fitzgerald this week called on the County Manager to intervene on the need to reopen Tandy’s Lane in Lucan.

Her comments come amid high level communications between the local Senator and the NRA and South Dublin County Council.

“I have been in ongoing contact with the NRA and South Dublin County Council in relation to the need to reopen this route,” said Frances Fitzgerald.

“A local objective to reopen Tandy’s Lane was adopted by South Dublin County Council and wrote in to the County Development Plan earlier this year. This means that it is local government policy to reopen Tandy’s Lane but we seem to be at stalemate between the Council and the NRA,” stated Frances Fitzgerald.

“During the Lucan Festival the route was reopened as a way of alleviating traffic and it worked perfectly. We could have done with having the route open during the adverse weather when so many roads in Lucan were so badly affected. It would helped alleviate the traffic congestion and the stress people were under,” continued Frances Fitzgerald.

“I have replied to the NRA’s CEO Fred Barry who wrote to me last week stating that South Dublin County Council need to carry out the statutory process if things are to change. In my reply I have asked the NRA confirm that if the Council begin statutory process to reopen the route that the NRA would make funding available for this project. I have also written to the County Manager asking him to intervene,” said Frances Fitzgerald.

“Every week I come into contact with Lucan residents who are keen to have the road reopened. It is creating major hassle for people and resulting in traffic congestion in the village.”

Frances Fitzgerald has long been campaigning on this issue collecting petitions in Dodsboro on the need to reopen the route. The Senator had previously requested that the Minister for Transport outline if funding will be made available for necessary road works to ensure access by the local community to the N4 via Tandy’s Lane. She was told that the Minister has no official responsibility in this matter and was referred to the NRA.

"Traffic is a serious problem for locals and commuters in Lucan. We need to alleviate the build up of traffic on our roads and closing off Tandy’s Lane does the exact opposite,” concluded Senator Frances Fitzgerald.