12 January 2011

New figures show a 23% increase in unemployment in Clondalkin over last 24 months - Fitzgerald

23.35% increase in the number of people "signing on" at Clondalkin Social Welfare Office over the last 2 years

Local Fine Gael Senator and General Election Candidate, Frances Fitzgerald has said that a 23% increase in unemployment in Clondalkin over the last 24 months highlights the absolute and urgent need for a viable jobs strategy to get people back to work in the area and also the need for Government to look at ways of assisting families burdened by the stress and strain of unemployment.

Speaking after the latest unemployment figures showed an increase of 23.35% in the number of people "signing on" at the Clondalkin Social Welfare Office over the last two years, Senator Fitzgerald said, "It is clear that the burden of unemployment is causing stress and strain on many families in Clondalkin and the surrounding areas. Over the last two years more and more people in the area have experienced unemployment and the new figures show the extent of this problem. We now have a situation whereby 1 in 3 young men in this country cannot find a job. This is obviously leading to significant pressures for many families and highlights the urgent need for a real and tangible jobs plan to get people back to work."

"Throughout this economic crisis we have heard a lot of talk about bailing out banks and setting up NAMA but people in need of jobs have been left high and dry by this Government. With a General Election only weeks away, I want to re-iterate my commitment to the people of Clondalkin that if Fine Gael is elected to Government we will prioritise job creation and we have published a plan which lists a range of measures which can help people get off the dole and back into the workplace," concluded Senator Fitzgerald.