03 February 2011

Fitzgerald gives evidence at SIAC Oral Hearing

UPDATE on - An Bord Pleanala Oral Hearing into the decision on SIAC site

An Bord Pleanala has conducted a three day Oral Hearing into the controversial planning application for the SIAC site at the junction of Monastery Road and Woodford Hill.

Fine Gael General Election Candidate Frances Fitzgerald has led the campaign against this development and gave evidence at the Hearing on Wednesday.

“I gave evidence at the Hearing on how this proposed development would affect residents and the village itself. The impact would be enormous on the sustainability and development of Clondalkin Village and there is a real possibility that instead of revitalising the village centre this development would relocate the centre of the village to the new site. This would dramatically alter the character of Clondalkin village and have a significant impact on local traffic in Woodford and on the Monastery Road,” said Frances Fitzgerald.

“I also delivered a traders petition to An Bord Plenala against this development and their opposition has now written into the record. In my evidence I explained how the proposed density and height would impact on local residents and nearby estates. The SIAC Appeal Action Group, made up of local residents from estates affected by these proposals, gathered tremendous information from local schools, businesses and residents associations and played a key role in preparing for the Oral Hearing,” continued Frances Fitzgerald.

“In their submission the NRA explained that this development would have a huge impact on both national and regional roads. In my evidence I also pointed out that this proposed development is contrary to the Council’s own plans for the development of the village and to the new Development Plan for the area,” said Frances Fitzgerald.

“I would like to congratulate An Bord Pleanala in giving residents the opportunity to be heard as the community feels that they have not been consulted enough on these plans. We await the results of the hearing,” concluded Frances Fitzgerald.

Frances held a number of public meetings when the proposals first came to light and secured an Oral Hearing for the people of Clondalkin after South Dublin County Council granted permission for the development of the site. Frances facilitated a group of local residents who came together to form a SIAC Appeal Action Group and have prepared detailed presentations to be given at the Hearing. Frances Fitzgerald, in conjunction with Cllr. Tony Delaney, was the only public representative to seek an Oral Hearing and has welcomed the opportunity for the local community to have their say in front of the Bord.