07 February 2011

Fitzgerald secures mammogram service extension in FG Policy

FG propose extension of mammogram service to women aged 65-70

Local Fine Gael General Election candidate Frances Fitzgerald welcomed her Party’s decision to include the extension of the mammogram service to women aged 65-70 in their health care policy launched this week.

Frances, a long term breast cancer awareness advocate ran a high profile breast cancer awareness community campaign throughout the consistency during October.

“The aim of the community based campaign was to make women more breast health aware. During the series of events one of the issues that kept coming up from women was the need for the mammogram scheme to be extended to cater to women over the age of 65,” explained Frances.

“I found that there was a false sense of security among women over 65 who felt that as they no longer received appointments for screening they must be no longer in danger of developing breast cancer. International best practice guidelines are to screen up to the age of 70. I have had discussions a this with our Health Spokesperson Dr. James Reilly and I am delighted that the extension of the mammogram scheme to women aged 65-70 has been now been included in Fine Gael’s plans for reforming the health service,” continued Frances Fitzgerald.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the women from right across Lucan, Palmerstown, Clondalkin and Newcastle who attended my community awareness events and joined my online campaign on this. We now have a commitment that a Fine Gael led government will deliver on this,” concluded Frances Fitzgerald.