15 February 2011

Fitzgerald welcomes long awaited lease for Palmerstown Rangers

Local general election candidate Frances Fitzgerald has welcomed South Dublin County Council’s decision to grant a permanent lease on grounds at Mill Lane to Palmerstown Rangers.

“I have always been supportive of Palmerstown Rangers and have been working on this issue for a number of years. I attended the last two AGMs of Palmerstown Rangers with my colleague Cllr. William Lavelle where this issue was very much top of the agenda,” said Frances Fitzgerald.

“After 17 years the Club has at long last been given a permanent lease on the grounds. This makes a huge difference to the Club as it means they can now apply for F.A.I. grants as well having security of tenure on their grounds in Mill Lane,” explained Frances Fitzgerald.

“I very much welcome this decision and wish the team all the best as it continues to thrive,” concluded Frances Fitzgerald.