16 June 2011

Fitzgerald unveils Graffiti Wall Mural at Moyle Park College

Minister Frances Fitzgerald this week took an unusual stance on graffiti. Whilst politicians can often be heard asking the Council for additional resources to help eliminate graffiti, the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs was this week pictured unveiling a graffiti mural in Moyle Park College.

The initiative, organised as a project by art teacher Pertina Shortt and supported by Clondalkin’s Credit Union, saw students decorate a school wall in a graffiti mural that tells the story of Clondalkin village.

“I am delighted to be here today to acknowledge the effort and talents of the students of Moyle Park,” said Fitzgerald.

“It’s not often I get to compliment graffiti – in fact I’m usually getting complaints about it,” joked Minister Fitzgerald, “but this project certainly deserves credit.”

“The mural is a tribute to the creativity of not just the students but also the staff who facilitated this project on school grounds. The art depicts a number of traditions associated with Clondalkin village including the Round Tower, the churches, our GAA clubs and our music and I think it is fantastic to see young people rolling up their sleeves and getting involved in a project like this,” continued Frances Fitzgerald.