25 August 2011

South Dublin County Council refuse planning permission for cemetery in Calliaghstown, Rathcoole

Local T.D and Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald, has welcomed the decision by South Dublin County Council to refuse planning permission for a cemetery in Calliaghstown.
In refusing planning permission for the cemetery, South Dublin County Council stated that they were particularly concerned about the traffic implications of such a development and found that it would set an ‘undesirable precedent for further such development in rural areas in the County’.

‘I feel that this is the right decision for local residents’ said Fitzgerald. ‘The Council acknowledged that a development on the site would pose a serious threat to road safety in the area. As the roads are narrow around Calliaghstown, cars would have to give way and there were concerns that this could cause accidents, considering the increase in traffic volume.
‘I would like to thank all the residents in Calliaghstown who took the time to object as well as my colleagues Councillors Tony Delaney and Thérése Ridge. We all believed that this was not in the best interests of either the local environment or residents and I am glad that the Council recognised that’ concluded Fitzgerald.