19 September 2011

Minister Announces Plans for New Bus Stops for Fonthill Road

Local Fine Gael T.D., Minister Frances Fitzgerald, has announced plans for two new bus stops on either side of the Fonthill Road to serve commuters using the train station.

“I am delighted that an application for two bus stops on Fonthill Road has been lodged by Dublin Bus. This follows on from my representations to Dublin Bus in relation to the need for a bus stop at either side of the road outside the Fonthill Train Station,” said Minister Frances Fitzgerald.

“New bus stops would make it much easier for public transport users to access the train station and is inline with Government policy on integrated transport,” continued Minister Fitzgerald.
“I will continue to keep the pressure on Dublin Bus to deliver on this as it will be of huge benefit to commuters in the area. At the moment the bus continues straight past the Fonthill Train Station and people switching from the bus to the train, or visa versa, have to walk a considerable distance. The installation of bus stops on either side of the road at the Station is just a small measure but will make a huge difference in integrating these two forms of public transport,” concluded Fitzgerald.