19 September 2011

Minister Delivers for Saggart Residents: Main Juncion to be repaired

Local Fine Gael T.D. Frances Fitzgerald this week confirmed that the main Saggart junction would be fully repaired shortly.

“The main junction in Saggart has been in dreadful condition since last year’s tough winter. Many residents have been in touch with me on this issue and after representations on their behalf the Council earmarked funding for the repair of this junction,” said Minister Fitzgerald.

“The Council have made short-term improvements to the junction since then but a full repair job was not undertaken as pipes need to be laid along the Embankment Road. These pipes are now being laid and work on the junction and the ramp will begin as soon as the pipe works are complete,” continued Fitzgerald.

“As part of the Government’s Jobs Initiative roads and junctions around the country are being upgraded and repaired. It is crucial to the long term recovery and prosperity of our country to continue to invest in our infrastructure,” concluded Fitzgerald.