19 September 2011

Minister Demands Action on Litter throughout Lucan and Clondalkin

Frances Fitzgerald, the Minister for Children & Youth Affairs, has asked South Dublin County Council to invest additional resources into what she has termed ‘litter hotspots’ and to erect bins near schools to discourage children from littering.

“Littering is a huge problem right throughout Lucan and Clondalkin. I have asked the Council to explore the idea of conducting litter blitz’s to tackle what have become ‘litter hot spots’. In addition to this, I have also identified a number of locations to be considered for the installation of litter bins. These include the pedestrian entrance to Cholaiste Bride in the Floraville estate and the entrance to St. Kevin’s Community College,” said Fitzgerald.

“The Council have agreed to the need for litter bins at both of these locations and although resources do not permit the installation of these bins as part of this year’s budget they will be considered for installation in 2012,” continued Fitzgerald.
“Many of the local schools do great work in discouraging litter. The Green Flag Initiative and educational programmes are having great results but we need to continue to ensure the message - that littering is simply unacceptable, get’s out there We live in a beautiful county and our green spaces, parks and countryside should not be treated like this. The Council’s Litter Warden Service does tremendous work within their resources but I have asked them to consider concentrating on key areas and also to provide better access to litter bins, particularly outside schools,” concluded Fitzgerald.