16 November 2011

Govt action taken on 43% of quangos since March - Fitzgerald

Local Fine Gael T.D. Minister Frances Fitzgerald has welcomed information obtained by her Party colleague Deputy Simon Harris, which revealed that Government action has been taken on a staggering 43% of quangos listed by Departments.
“Cutting the number of quangos that ballooned under the previous Fianna Fáil administration was a core part of Fine Gael’s pre-election strategy. From the get-go, his Government has demonstrated that it means business. By tackling the grossly inflated number of quangos that sprang up in recent years under Fianna Fáil and the Greens, red tape will be reduced, SMEs will find it easier to conduct their business, and services will be streamlined, and ultimately improved,” said Minister Fitzgerald.

“Out of 173 quangos listed by Departments in response to a Parliamentary Question tabled by my colleague Deputy Harris, 14 have been abolished, 2 are in the process of being abolished, 9 are being merged and there are plans for a further 6 mergers. Three have either been restructured or are about to be and 2 new quangos have been formed (SOLAS and the Housing and Sustainable Communities Agency),” continued Fitzgerald.
“An additional 15 bodies have been listed for abolition, 15 have been pinpointed to be merged and a further 10 are listed for restructuring.
“Based on these figures, action, in the form of abolition, merging or restructuring, has already been taken by Government on 20% of quangos listed and plans are in train for similar action on a further 23% of State organisations,” concluded Fitzgerald.