10 February 2012

Fitzgerald Welcomes Emergency Funding for Clondalkin Safety Forum

Local Fine Gael T.D. Minister Frances Fitzgerald has welcomed the decision by Minister Jan O’Sullivan to provide a once-off allocation of funds to the Clondalkin Safety Forum to ensure the work of this local service continues while the National Drugs Strategy Structures are being reviewed. The announcement came just days after Minister Fitzgerald called an urgent meeting with Minister O’Sullivan to show her support for the Clondalkin Safety Forum.

“I have been in close contact with the Clondalkin Safety Forum workers over the past number of weeks and requested an urgent meeting with Minister Jan O’Sulllivan this week to communicate their concerns to her. I was pleased to have had such a productive meeting with Minister O’Sullivan, where I voiced the concerns of the Forum and the local community I found Minister O'Sullivan very sympathetic towards the situation and explained to her how beneficial these projects are to local communities. I am delighted that she subsequently took the decision to allocate additional funds to this project. This money will ensure the continuation of the Clondalkin Safety Forum while the review of the structures of the National Drugs Strategy is being compiled,” explained Minister Frances Fitzgerald.

“At our meeting I lobbied strongly on behalf of the Clondalkin Safety Forum as I believe this organisation plays a valuable role in our community. The workers are trusted members of the communities of North and South West Clondalkin and voice the wider concerns of residents at Joint Policing Committees. They act as a bridge between communities and authorities such as the Gardai and the Council. Their work has been of huge benefit to our area in terms of tackling anti-social hotspots and drug problems as well as helping people from other areas and countries integrate into the local community,” continued Fitzgerald.

“I am pleased to have been able to help these projects secure funding to see them through until the completion of the National Drugs Strategy Review. Minister Roisin Shorthall is conducting a major evaluation of the structures and resources used to implement the National Drugs Strategy and look forward to reading her review on the work carried out here locally in Clondalkin,” concluded Fitzgerald.