02 February 2012

Fitzgerald welcomes review of DEIS Proposals

Minister for Children and Youth Affairs welcomes Minister Quinn’s decision to re-examine proposals for DEIS school on a case-by-case basis.

“I have been working hard at Cabinet level to highlight the concerns of many DEIS schools in our local area. We have a number of DEIS schools in Clondalkin and Lucan which provide phenomenal support for children from disadvantaged backgrounds,” said Minister Frances Fitzgerald, local T.D. for the area.

“The Minister has told the Dáil that a number of teaching posts are being held in reserve for DEIS schools most affected by cutbacks and that all schools will be notified of their staffing levels in the coming weeks. He will be re-examining the situation as it pertains to every school on a case-by-case basis. I full welcome this move,” continued Fitzgerald.
“Over €158 million has been allocated in this year’s Budget for DEIS schools to provide additional supports such as extra teaching posts, greater financial supports and a range of other services and programmes. A number of schools have retained posts originally allocated under disadvantaged schemes that no longer exist. In a small number of cases these posts were retained in schools that are no longer classified as disadvantaged,” continued Fitzgerald.

“Since the announcement of the Budget, I have been in continual contact with principals from a number of local schools regarding their concerns for the DEIS scheme. Minister Quinn has continued to engage with principals, parents and public representatives on this issue and has heard many examples of the anticipated impact of these changes on disadvantaged schools. Following on his original commitment to examine the worst affected cases, he has asked his Department to produce a report within four weeks on the position of those DEIS Band 1 and Band 2 schools which currently have additional posts under schemes set up before the creation of DEIS in 2005,” explained Fitzgerald.

“I have highlighted specific local cases with Minister Quinn and the concerns of the principals and parents whom I have been in touch with on this issue. I will continue to work with local schools and parents to progress this further,” concluded Fitzgerald.