02 May 2012

Minister Welcomes Approval of funding for Zebra Crossing in Lucan

Local Fine Gael T.D., Minister Frances Fitzgerald, has welcomed the allocation of €50,000 from the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport for the installation of zebra crossings including one on Griffeen Avenue in Lucan.

“It is great that funding has now been allocated to the installation of a pedestrian crossing on Griffeen Avenue. €50,000 has been made available today by my colleague Minister Varadkar. Residents and public representatives alike have been calling for a crossing at this location for years now. Almost two years ago I started an online petition asking residents who supported the need to install a pedestrian crossing along this road to let their views be known. I would like to thank all of those who signed my petition and joined my campaign for this crossing. At long last, your efforts have paid off,” said Minister Frances Fitzgerald.

Minister Fitzgerald also commended her Council colleague Cllr. William Lavelle who has been campaigning on this issue kept this topic firmly on the Council’s agenda.

“This zebra crossing is part of a pilot programme of pedestrian crossings which will be introduced throughout South Dublin County. Up until now we have only seen traffic lighted crossings installed in our area and as these lights are much more expensive communities have suffered serious delays in ensuring that pedestrians have safe access points across busy roads such as Griffeen Avenue. I welcome the Council’s decision to introduce zebra crossings to the area which will be accompanied by amber flashing lights and built on ramps to ensure that traffic is slowed down substantially and pedestrians are given a safe area to cross the road,” continued Fitzgerald.

“The go-ahead for this pedestrian crossing is a major achievement for the area and will be a positive safety measure for children and grownups alike who use this route. I would like to pay special tribute to the efforts of the Cleary family who first brought the need for this crossing to my attention and who know all too well the dangers posed by traffic on this route to children in the area,” concluded Fitzgerald.