02 May 2012

Minister Welcomes Investment of €170,000 in Bawnogue and Deansrath

Local Fine Gael T.D., Minister Frances Fitzgerald, has welcomed the allocation of €170,000 worth of funding to develop public amenities between Bawnogue, Deansrath and the Grand Canal.

“I am pleased to welcome an investment of €170,000 into the development of amenities in the Bawnogue and Deansrath area of Clondalkin,” said Minister Frances Fitzgerald at the announcement.

“The Green Route cycle and pedestrian route along the Grand Canal has proved a real positive for the communities of Clondalkin and Lucan. I am delighted that funding has been allocated for the provision of similar amenities that will link Deansrath and Bawnogue to the current route,” said Minister Frances Fitzgerald.

“We need to be encouraging people to get out and about and a safe and user-friendly footpath and cycle route is one of the best ways to facilitating this. It is great to see money being allocated into these areas as part of the Permeability Projects and I would ask the Council to ensure they carry out a thorough public consultation with local residents to ensure the best possible use of this money,” concluded Fitzgerald.