11 May 2012

Taoiseach, Minister, Deputy and GAA Legend Collect first Yes Poster’s of the Campaign from Clondalkin

An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny TD, visited Clondalkin’s The Printed Image Headquarters to collect the Fine Gael Stability Treaty posters ahead of the referendum on May 31st. He was joined by Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald TD, as well as her constituency colleague, Deputy Derek Keating.

“These posters will be just one aspect of Fine Gael’s Stability Treaty campaign. In the upcoming weeks, we will be leading a strong campaign to inform voters on the issues involved and to promote a ‘Yes’ vote in the upcoming Treaty,” said Fitzgerald.

The Printed Image, is a local print business situated in the Fonthill Business Park in Clondalkin. They were heralded as an example of a successful SME who would benefit from the stability and protection that the Treaty offers by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny. His sentiments were echoed by Minister Fitzgerald.

GAA legend Alan Brogan manages the Fine Gael account for The Printed Image and Minister Fitzgerald praised his professionalism and service.

“I am very pleased that a Clondalkin based company secured the contract for Fine Gael’s poster campaign. I used The Printed Image for all my election posters last year and found them to be highly professional and very reliable,” said Fitzgerald.

“Last week, I hosted a public information event on the Stability treaty were we heard from David Gallagher, the Managing Director of Pfizer Healthcare Ireland. David gave the clear message that a yes vote will help create the conditions needed to grow our exports and attract multinational investment to our shores. This Treaty makes official what we are already doing – it gives us the opportunity to grow trade links and rebuild our international reputation,” continued Fitzgerald.

“It is based on the common-sense approach that we must run budget surpluses in good times so we can run deficits in bad times. The progress we have made in the last year has resulted in investment by companies like Eli Lilly and Abbot Pharmaceuticals. We have seen these results here in our own area with investment by Microsoft, Pfizer and Google in Grange Castle Business Park. We depend on our international reputation in order to attract this level of investment which creates local jobs and spin off trade. I am looking forward to the campaign and to encouraging voters to inform themselves in order to make the best decision for our countries future,” concluded Fitzgerald.