11 June 2012

Minister Frances Fitzgerald Opens St Joseph’s Physics Mural

Minister for Children & Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald, this week officially opened a ceramic mural in St. Joseph’s College in Lucan. The ceramic stone wall mural depicts the journey of physics through the ages and is a creation of girls from the school’s art class who worked under the guidance of their Art Teacher Niamh Garvey and artist Niamh Sinnott.

“I’m delighted to officially open this fantastic mural which has been an education to all of us and will continue to educate students here in St. Joseph’s for decades to come. An awful lot of work was needed to get this project from the brainstorming sheets on the wall here to the colourful, ceramic journey through history on this wall,” said Minister Frances Fitzgerald.

The mural “The Future of Physics” depicts major achievements down the years in the field of Physics and now decorates the route to the Physics Room in St. Joseph’s College.

“This mural is a particularly lovely tribute to Belfast-born scientists Joycelin Bell, who I hear is coming to St. Joseph’s to see the mural. I’m sure Mr. Doherty is very impressed by that,” continued Minister Fitzgerald, referring to Physics Teacher Declan Doherty.

“I’ve opened murals before but never one as permanent as this. The ceramic stone wear means that this creation will remain here as a tribute to the girls who worked so hard on it. The mural which takes us through the ages begins with Galileo looking through a telescope towards St. Joseph’s Physics Room. Famous physics discoveries and scientists including Newton and Marie Curi are all featured on the wall,” said Minister Frances Fitzgerald.

“Well done to all involved in this fantastic project; to Niamh Garvey and Niamh Sinnott who encouraged the girls to take on this project and guided them along the way; to Principal Siobhan Corey and Physics Teacher Declan Doherty and art teacher Felicity Lynch who supported this initiative and to all of the girls involved, congratulations on your wonderfully creative achievement,” concluded Minister Frances Fitzgerald.