11 June 2012

Minister Launches Liffey Sound FM Series focused on Lucan’s Diaspora

Minister Frances Fitzgerald was on hand to officially launch a radio documentary series focusing on Lucan’s Diaspora. The concept, a brain child of Maria Murphy, has been turned into a five part series which will be broadcast on Liffey Sound FM during the week of June 11th.

“It’s’ great to be here today to launch such a fantastic project. I’m well aware of the worthwhile service Liffey Sound FM provides to the listeners and community of Lucan and this new series is another example of your ability to think up new projects and explore issues of real importance to families in our area,” said Minister Frances Fitzgerald.

“Unfortunately, emigration is a story all too familiar to many families in Lucan and while some people leave by choice in search of adventure others have found themselves in a situation where they were left with little choice. This series will be following the stories of people who have left for a variety of reasons and who now live in a variety of countries. It’s a tribute to the journalistic talents of Maria and the team here in Liffey Sound FM to have been able to track down so many people on each continent and convinced them to tell us their story,” said Minister Fitzgerald.

“In my role as Minister I have had the opportunity to meet just some of our Irish abroad. It’s amazing how warm their memories of home still are and of course there are many success stories. In fact, Irish companies in America alone employ 82,000 people, that’s more than Apple or Delta Airlines. In America alone there are 41 milliion people of Irish heritage and of course we will be hoping many of these travel to Ireland in 2013 to visit home during The Gathering. The Gathering which will run throughout the whole of next year offers a real opportunity for villages like Lucan to get more involved in attracting our Diaspora home for a visit and I think this fantastic production by Maria Murphy and Terry Callaghan is a great way of setting the backdrop for these invites,” said Minister Fitzgerald.

“I am honoured to not only launch this great series but also to present three awards to Liffey Sound FM who bet off professional competition to win coveted awards from CRAOL. It’s brilliant to see our local station setting the bar so high and being recognised for that. Well done to you all on your huge achievement,” concluded Minister Frances Fitzgerald.

Liffey Sound FM was presented with three achievement awards accredited by CRAOL, the community radio forum of Ireland.