20 November 2012

Disappointment and Dismay as SIAC Gets Green Light for Development

Fitzgerald and Delaney disappointed by An Bord Pleanala refusal of community’s appeal 

An Bord Peanala today (Tuesday) upheld the decision to grant permission for a mixed use development on the SIAC site at the top of Woodford Hill and Monastery Road. Minister Frances Fitzgerald and Councillor Tony Delaney have described the decision as extremely disappointing.

Fitzgerald and Delaney have been working with residents of Monastery, Floraville, Newlands, Knockmitten and Woodford on this issue over the past two years. An Bord Pleanala’s decision granted permission for a scaled down version of SIACs original plans. Their decision on planning applications is final and no further appeals process is open to residents. 

“I am extremely disappointed by An Bord Pleanala’s refusal of our appeal and utterly dismayed by the decision of the Bord to extend their planning permission grant from five years to ten,” said Minister Frances Fitzgerald.

“Tony and I have worked with the community of Clondalkin on this issue since day one. Our campaign led to a decrease of activity on this site and a scaling down of the proposal, but there is still much concern locally regarding this development. Residents from right across Clondalkin objected to the planning application, signed petitions expressing their opposition to this development and we appealed the grant decision to An Bord Pleanala. Our demands of an Oral Hearing were upheld and I was among those who gave evidence at the Hearing in An Bord Pleanala,” explained Fitzgerald. 

“In their judgement the Bord says that this is an ‘appropriate form of development’ but I remain convinced that 380 residential units in 18 blocks scaling to 8 storeys in addition to retail units and commercial units represents an overscaling of this site,” continued Fitzgerald. 

“I appreciate that the Bord has set our 42 conditions to be complied with and have requested revised site layout plans, but I feel that the evidence given by the SIAC Action Group at the Oral Hearing has not been adequately reflected in their determination. The Bord state that this development wouldn’t affect the ‘viability or vitality’ of Clondalkin village; but traders believe that instead of revitalising the village centre, this development has the potential to undermine it. I delivered a petition from local traders to An Bord Pleanala as part of my evidence and I am dismayed that their arguments aren’t reflected in today’s decision,” continued Fitzgerald.

“This development will have a significant impact on local traffic in Woodford and on the Monastery Road area. Our campaign has delivered improvements to the traffic management proposals and I will be working with my colleague Cllr. Delaney to ensure that adequate traffic management plans will be implemented in the area,” continued Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald paid tribute to the hard work and expertise volunteered by residents in the run up to and throughout the Oral Hearing.

“The SIAC Appeal Action Group, made up of local residents led by Mairead Carey gathered important information from local schools, businesses and residents associations and played a key role in preparing for the Oral Hearing. I share their utter disappointment with this decision,” concluded Minister Fitzgerald.