10 September 2013

Fitzgerald Buzzed About New BUMBLEance


This week, Minister Frances Fitzgerald TD, helped launch the Saoirse Foundation’s BUMBLEance. The BUMBLEance, an ambulance designed to look like a bumble bee, aims to transport seriously ill children to their medical appointments in a stress-free way.
“It is great to see the Saoirse Foundation looking at medical treatment from the child’s point of view. Seriously ill children are already facing a lot of unfamiliar places and people through their treatment process. The BUMBLEance will help bring children to their appointments and treatments in a caring and fun way. The BUMBLEance has TV, iPad, games, books, films and music and all medical equipment is concealed. I am sure that this will make a profound difference to children’s experience of hospitals at a difficult time for them and their families,” said Fitzgerald.
Minister with Lucan Ambulance driver Fred Doyle
The ambulance, which is run by the Saoirse Foundation in conjunction with Lifeline Ambulances, is free to children who have long term and life threatening illnesses. The Saoirse Foundation was set up by Tony and Mary Heffernan whose daughter died following a battle with Batten’s Disease in order to support other families who were dealing with rare illnesses. It is hoped that the Foundation will be able to roll the ambulance service out so to each province with a separate service for Dublin.
“Tony and Mary Heffernan turned a personal tragedy into positive action with this child centred service that aims to uplift and support sick children when they are at their most vulnerable. Anyone interested in the service can log on to

www.bumbleance.com for more information. I look forward to seeing children enjoying the BUMBLEance for many years to come,” concluded Fitzgerald.