22 November 2013

Good training for parents can benefit ADHD children: Fitzgerald

The findings of a new study show that parents with ADHD kids can significantly improve the wellbeing of their children through specialised training programmes, local T.D. and Minister for Children Frances Fitzgerald said this week.

Speaking at the launch of the study – which assesses the effectiveness of a parent and child training programme known as Incredible Years – Minister Fitzgerald said that “the evidence shows that learning new techniques in high quality parenting can have any number of positive outcomes for children with ADHD, such as a lower cost of intervention and reduced need for medication.

“The Incredible Years programme, developed in Ireland by the Clondalkin-based organisation Archways, combines parent, child and teacher training designed to prevent and treat emotional and behavioural difficulties in children. In this case, it offers a 20-week parental training course for families with children showing symptoms of ADHD (attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder).
“It teaches parents how to engage with their kids in a more effective way, emphasising positive reinforcement. The study assessing this course gives a very good review, particularly the feedback from parents who took the training.

Early intervention is vital

“As Minister for Children I have repeatedly emphasised that Ireland as a nation can reap untold benefits from the correction investment and intervention in our children’s early years.

“There is more and more research showing that if you intervene early, you do the right thing by the child and use resources more effectively. This is why the government has allocated an extra €40 million to roll out extra area-based approaches in disadvantaged areas.”

“Speaking to parents who availed of the Incredible Years training programme, the message is clear: whether your child has any behavioural difficulties or not, learning new techniques can be brilliant for your family. It keeps you proactive in your parenting skills, teaches new ways to engage with your kids, and can really improve your family’s harmony and wellbeing”.

For more information on Incredible Years training programmes, see: www.iyirelandstudy.ie