27 November 2013

Minister Fitzgerald announces major 1m investment for Clondalkin children

Frances Fitzgerald TD, Minister for Children & Youth Affairs, has today announced that the Clondalkin Blue Skies Initiative has been selected as one of 13 projects to be funded through the Governments new ABC (Area-Based Childhood) Programme.

€ 998,500 is to be provided to the Clondalkin initiative over the years 2013-2016, co-funded by Minister Fitzgeralds Department and Atlantic Philanthropies.

The Clondalkin Blue Skies Initiative is being coordinated by Archways, and also involves local
junior primary schools in Bawnogue, Deansrath, Neilstown, Rowlagh, Quarryvale and Balgaddy. The South Dublin County Childcare Committee, South Dublin County Partnership and other bodies are also involved in this multi-agency initiative.

The Clondalkin Blue Skies Initiative will run a number of evidence-based early interventions programmes, such as Incredible Years, UpTo2, Delta parenting programme and Literacy Happens at Home. These programmes aim to support parenting and improve development and educational outcomes for young children in their early years, including successful transitions to primary school, literacy and behavioural development.