08 November 2013

National reality check needed on cannabis risks: Minister Fitzgerald

When it comes to the very real risks associated with cannabis abuse, it’s high time we dispense with the myths and focus on the facts, Minister for Children and local T.D. Frances Fitzgerald told a busy conference in Clondalkin this week.

Speaking at the “Cannabis Conference” organised by Clondalkin Drugs Task Force, Minister emphasised that “cannabis is often overlooked as a social problem because a number of unhelpful myths are perpetuated about its effects.

“It’s time that we deal with the facts. For a start, the Irish market is dominated by the most harmful and addictive type of chemical-laced cannabis product, not some harmless herbal product as is often misleadingly stated. Secondly, the harmful effects on young people’s mental and physical health are real, and must not be underplayed in any discussion on the topic.

“Thirdly, and most importantly, is the simple fact that cannabis abuse is harmful to individuals and families, and it is imperative that we de-normalise it.

“I commend the Clondalkin Drugs Task Force for their sterling work and innovative approach, incorporating online and social media and videos, as well as this excellent and fact-based conference”, Minister Fitzgerald concluded.

For more information see www.clondalkindrugstaskforce.ie