17 January 2014

Applications for Sports Capital Grants now open

Applications for the Sports Capital Grant 2014 opened on the 17th of January. I encourage any sporting organisation with eligible projects to apply, and my office is happy to provide any advice or guidance.

The Sports Capital Programme is the main method of delivering funding from the Government to develop sports facilities and purchase sports equipment for clubs and sporting organisations across Ireland.

There is a total of €40 million available in 2014, an increase of over 50% on last year.

Applications for the 2014 programme will only be accepted online, and organisations must be registered in order to apply. I urge all club committees to register their interest right away using the new online system known as OSCAR (Online Sports Capital Register). This new system will streamline the process, and will also allow all applicants to track their applications.

For more information see https://www.sportscapitalprogramme.ie/.

Enquiries about grants for the Dublin area can be made on 064 – 6627366.

As in the past, the key element in putting together a strong application is attention to detail. All forms must be correctly filled out and all supplementary documents provided. If any clubs or associations require further details, I urge them to contact my office once the announcements are made

The terms and conditions of the programme have been finalised and it opened for applications on 17th January 2014. 

♦ Open for applications from 12 noon on Friday 17th January;
♦ Closed for registration at 5pm on Friday 7th February;
♦ Closed for applications at 5pm on Friday 28th February.