17 February 2014

Fitzgerald hosts “Safer Internet Day” in Adamstown School

Local TD Frances Fitzgerald, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, on Wednesday 12th February hosted a “Safer Internet Day” event in Adamstown Community College, aimed at teaching children about safe and responsible Internet usage.

Minister Fitzgerald launched ‘The Web We Want’ - an educational handbook written by children for children aged 13-16.

Speaking at the launch, Minister Fitzgerald said: “Most children today are completely ‘plugged in’ to the internet, and often develop a broader user knowledge than their parents. They use the web for everything: maintaining circles of friends through social network sites; using information portals and applications to help with homework; or using cloud-enabled technology to complete group assignments, as they do so successfully here in Adamstown Community College.

“However, as parents and teacher are increasingly aware, this hyper-connectivity is also fraught with risks, such as cyberbullying, predatory behaviour, harmful exposure to pornographic material or in some cases, simply spending too much time on the computer.

“As Minister for Children I welcome any initiatives which engage children to think about their online actions and how to use the internet in a safe, productive way. ‘The Web We Want’ handbook can be an important resource for children, teachers and parents alike. Details are available on www.webwewant.eu which may prove helpful to our young people as they navigate the online world.”