27 August 2014

Minister Fitzgerald welcomes new Avoca for Lucan

Local TD Frances Fitzgerald, Minister  for Justice & Equality, has welcomed the news that a new Avoca store is to open in Lucan at the site of the former Foxhunter pub. Having been granted a planning exemption, this store is set to open in Spring 2015, with the company expecting to create at least 50 new jobs.

Minister Fitzgerald said:

"This will be a great asset to the Lucan community, providing a lovely feature along the N4, and generating increased footfall for Lucan businesses.

"The development of a local artisan food and craft shop will be welcomed by Lucan residents and visitors alike. Avoca has said that the new development will be similar to its Salt@Avoca offering in Monkstown, where patrons enjoy a large food market and café.

"I hope that any traffic issues arising from the development will be managed in a sensible way. This development should enhance the quality of life in the Lucan area".