02 September 2014

Fitzgerald launches new boxing club at Moyle Park College Clondalkin

Local TD Frances Fitzgerald, Minister for Justice & Equality, said she was “privileged” to cut the ribbon on the new boxing club in Moyle Park College Clondalkin on Monday, September 1st.

Cutting the ribbon with local Fine Gael Councillor Kenneth Egan, she said: “Sport truly brings out the best in our communities, and I am so pleased to see brilliant new facilities for boxing - traditionally a strong sport in this area – being unveiled for the young people of Clondalkin.

“Boxing is a sport with a strong ethos of dedication and respect, which instills many positive qualities in those who practise it. I am particularly pleased that my Fine Gael colleague and local boxing hero Councillor Kenneth Egan, a former student of Moyle Park, joined me to launch the club.

“This move represents not only the opening of a boxing club but a move forward to opening the school to the wider community.

“I am so impressed by the enormous work ethic and community spirit harnessed by the teachers, students and volunteers to make this dream a reality, and in so doing make their locality a better place. I wish to commend and congratulate Moyle Park teacher Stephen Doyle for his central role in making this happen, and thank Principal Maurice Hartigan for having the foresight to support this project.

“This gym will be a great asset for the students of Moyle Park, allowing them to harness the ‘sweet science’ of boxing to develop greater strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, and will. Indeed, as physical exercise goes, there are few sports which provide such a combination of individual skills.

“However, the creation of this fantastic training space for an individual sport owes everything to the abiding values of teamwork and community spirit. It was the students who built it – every aspect of it. They took time after school – even during their summer holidays! – to make this dream a reality. Through their own efforts, they transformed this former store room into a boxing club. Working together - they cleared it, cleaned it, built it and fundraised for it. I commend them all and thank the Clondalkin community and local businesses for supporting their efforts”.